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Mini football, tennis, padel, running, rent of eqipment.

General Rules

Rules of conduct at the stadium


  • Smoking only in designated areas;
  • Drinking alcohol purchased at the Sports Complex territory in the places determined by Sports Complex Administration;
  • Using all the services provided by the Organizers and the Administration, including the usage of lavatories for visitors;
  • Carrying into the Arenas stands and using:
    • flags up to 80cm x 100cm in size on a plastic hollow rod up to 100 cm long;
    • drums with a diameter of up to 60cm and a height of up to 40cm;
    • plastic pipes
    • plastic ratchets;
  • Taking photos and videos (if it is not prohibited by the event organizers);
  • Supporting the teams and athletes participating in the event with the help of means permitted (items of fan attributes) either sitting, or standing in the absence of comments from the other spectators or from Sports Complex Administration.
  • Spectators have the right to be given the assistance from stewards, volunteers, observing managers and the others who are involved in match organization. Also spectators have the right to be given necessary information about the location of benches, entrances and exits, as well as the information about assistance in case of evacuation.
  • NO animals allowed on Turf. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pet.
  • Management reserves the right to create new or modify any of the above rules at any given time.
  • Lost and found if not claimed in 30 days will be donated.


  • To bring firearms, gas, pneumatic and blade weapons; all sorts of sharp objects, as well as explosive and flammable substances into the Complex territory;
  • To bring poisonous odorous substances, suitcases, briefcases, bulky packages and bags, glassware and other objects that interfere with other spectators, as well as the conducting of the event;
  • To throw objects into the stands, arena, pitch, as well as to perform other actions that violate the procedure for conducting of the event;
  • To make outbursts or other actions that dehumanize the event participants, audience or insult and abuse human morality;
  • To be in the aisles, on the stairs during the event, to interfere with the movement of participants and spectators;
  • To appear without the Administration permission at the Arena, pitch, as well as at the locker rooms of athletes, judges and at the other service and technical rooms;
  • To wear or to flaunt signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, national hatred, and also insulting the participants of the event and other spectators;
  • To run along the corridors, stairs, service rooms located under the stands;
  • To enter the territory of the Sports Complex with animals and birds;
  • To use rude, obscene or offensive language and expressions in communication;
  • To come drunk, to bring into and to drink alcohol, to smoke;
  • To carry out video and photography without the permission of the Administration of the Sports Complex;
  • To carry out commercial, advertising and other commercial activities without the appropriate permission of the Administration of the Sports Complex;
  • To use open fire, to use explosives and flammable substances, including pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers, etc.);
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or being in a state of other intoxication are not allowed at the Sports Complex.
  • The staff of the Sports Complex has the right to take measures against visitors who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, are mentally unstable, as well as against visitors who do not respond to staff comments and do not comply with these Rules.