New Sports Family Club

Mini football arena, tennis courts, athletics track

Sports Complex

«Lions Arena» — is a sports complex situated in Tiraspol (Transnistria).

The start of construction is Autumn, 2017

The end of construction is Autumn, 2019

The official opening date is October 12, 2019

Architect: Sergey Chuprin

The sports complex «Lions Arena» covers an area of 13,500 m2

In the northern part of the complex there are 2 mini football pitches, each of them is 45 x 25 meters.

Artificial coating of the pitches has been made by the world’s leading manufacturer CCGRASS, and tested by the FIFA laboratory. It allows holding international competitions under the EMF aegis: Champions League, European and World Championships. It was such a lawn that was laid on the training pitches of FC Chelsea, whose players were satisfied with the quality of the coating.

Two stands of the sports arena have been designed for 708 seats, they have been built in the form of a pyramid, which allows you to watch games held on the both pitches. Over the entire sector of the stands, a shed, which covers 100% of the spectator seats, has been installed. It reliably protects from the severe weather and allows you to follow the match in comfortable conditions. The referee and VIP sectors with the best view of the football pitch are also situated here.

Illumination of pitches with an intensity of 800 lux is carried out from high-rise masts along the pitches, which allows not to interrupt the training process in the evening and provides video footage of the competition.

Sound equipment for the stadium represents a set of systems providing the possibility of sound accompaniment of events held. This equipment is operated in special conditions and is designed for uninterrupted operation in the open air. The total power of the sound equipment is 7200 watts, and the maximum pressure developed by the sound system is 128 decibels. The manufacturer of the equipment is the Italian company DB Technologies.

Football pitches have been equipped with video cameras for television broadcasts in LIVE mode. Cameras have been installed for providing referees with the video assistance — VAR. This is a modern technology that allows the chief arbiter to make decisions using video repetitions.

All pitches of the sports arena have been equipped with digital video screens which allow to display (apart from the text and graphics) a full-fledged image from the external sources – computer or video camera.

65 modern video cameras have been installed around the perimeter of the Sports Arena, the main task of the video surveillance system is to ensure the safety of competitions and events held.

The monolithic underground floor, located under the Arena, has a developed infrastructure and includes:

  • 4 spacious changing rooms, designed for 19 people each,
  • individual shower rooms,
  • a hospitality zone,
  • a photo gallery,
  • rooms for referees,
  • other specialized technical rooms.

In the central part of the arena a padel court has been equipped. This is an excellent replacement for fitness clubs, as it allows you to maintain physical activity, and it is also an exciting rest for a family or company

About Padel

Athletics track of 380 meters long goes around the entire northern part of the Sports Complex. Modern track coating allows athletes to carry out a large amount of training work without negative impact on the musculoskeletal system and to provide athletics competitions.

In the southern part of the arena there are 2 tennis courts and stands for 67 seats. Courts have hard coating, classification ITF-3. Coating is intended for both beginners and high-class players.

The seven-layer innovative coating MASTERS 500 COMFORT is from the leading manufacturer of the French company Ecoplas meets high quality standards, which allows holding international level competitions at the «Lions Arena».

In the southern building, which adjoins the courts, there are changing rooms and shower rooms for fans of tennis and athletics. It is possible to rent all the necessary sports equipment.

A cozy cafe for 40 people and a summer cafe for 20 people are located in this part of the Complex. «Lions Cafe» supports the idea of a healthy eating. Nearby there is a modern, sports ground for children aged 3 to 10 years. Children can have fun while their parents relax enjoying delicious and aromatic coffee after playing sports.

«Lions Arena» is a sports and family club! We are always glad to see not only professional athletes, but also everyone who likes to spend time actively in comfortable conditions.

Welcome to «Lions Arena»!